UK Davies Associates

Independent IT Consulting

IT Effectiveness Assessement

Our of our core services is to assess the effectiveness of an organisation’s IT provision and outline a range of recommendations to achieve greater efficiency and closer business alignment.  Key areas of focus includes:

  • Strategic Alignment – understand the business and ensure that IT is focused on business outcomes and operational need
  • Technology Simplification – ensure that the most effective and appropriate technology is employed to service the business need and the it provides best value
  • Efficient Governance – ensure that decision making processes and operational standards are best practice
  • Roadmap Planning – provide a sanity check on planned developments to ensure they coincide with business objectives and priorities
  • IT / Business Risk Assessment – ensure that IT is not putting the business at risk and that the business could survive a significant IT failure

To arrange an IT Effectiveness Assessment please call us on 0845 838 0748 or email

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