UK Davies Associates

Independent IT Consulting


UK Davies Associates is an independent IT consultancy whose  consultants have many years experience of working with clients to achieve their strategic aims through the effective use of IT.

We specialising in the following areas:

  • IT Effectiveness
  • IT Strategy & Business Alignment
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Security & Business Continuity
  • Innovation & Change Management

The services we offer including:

  • Strategic Advice, Consulting & Interim Management
  • Programme & Project Management
  • Technical Design, Planning & Implementation

We have extensive experience across a range of industry sectors including:

  • Financial Service
  • Telecommunications
  • Managed Services
  • Local Government
  • Central Government

UK Davies Associates is led by Andy Davies (FBCS) who is a strategic consultant with expertise in IT Strategy, Enterprise Infrastructure and Security.

Previous roles include; Technical Director of Morse in Education, Professional Services Director for Morse, Chief Technology Officer for Aconite Technology, Consulting Director for Gartner and Head of e-Commerce Strategy and Architecture for NatWest Corporate Bank.