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1:1 Device Ownership for Students (11-14)

1:1 device ratio can mean many things, but where I think the debate is interesting is around students having personal ownership of school provided devices.

Student ownership creates additional challenges including insurance, support and refresh.

This is a debate where I can clearly see both side of the argument.  Many authorities are leaning towards the personal ownership of personal devices – where they see the strategic benefits.  However many individual schools are resistant – because they can see the practical issues.  Here’s some pros and cons:


* students learn to take responsibility for the device (charging, keep intact etc)
* helps them become an independent knowledge learner
* supports personalised learning
* helps eliminate digital divide
* students can customise the device to their interest and personal liking


* students lose, break, damage device often
* no affordable device suitable today
* places administrative burden on school / ICT managed service
* need refreshing more often than school ‘looked after’ device
* disruptive – charging etc during lessons
* additional cost – insurance etc.

An interesting area of development and innovation will be in the use of students’ own devices with schools opening up their networks to allow non local authority devices to access their resources.  Think – schools don’t provide pens and pencils.

More about this another time.


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