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I don’t know if you’ve noticed the increasing momentum towards the visual presentation of information, but there are more products / services and innovations using VI coming to market each week

Visual information is where information that is normally presented in a textural and linear way (boring) is presented is a more visual and interactive fashion (interesting).

It’s not just about the information being more engaging but also about overlaying information (mash-up) and being able to interpret trends and anomalies more readily.

Interesting examples include Visual Thesaurus, Newsmap and Google News Timeline.

From an education viewpoint it is obviously  more appealing for a learner who prefers a visual interface to data.  Moreover there is also a need for better information / business intelligence for teachers and administrative staff.

Existing MIS tools contain a lot of data but they are not that easy to use and much pertinent information is unreachable.

Chirs Poole, whose former roles includes teaching and working for Microsoft, has been on a mission for several years to open up the data held within educational establishments and present it in a easy to ‘get at’ and compelling manner.

Chris has now put his money where his mouth was and founded lookred.  lookred now have a working proof on concept that was launched at this years BETT.  It’s an interesting way for an authority, school or teacher to view the data held within a typical MIS system.

So is this type of information presentation the future of MIS?   If  linked with proper BI tools / processes I think this could be the way to access and use all sorts of information intelligently.


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