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What technology will support and influence education over the next few years?

They say that the future is already here but just unevenly distributed.  So have a look around and see which, if any, current technologies will play a transformational role in the future.

Do you think fixed PCs, laptops, web books or interactive whiteboards will play any part in 5 years time?  Personally I doubt it, especially if we want personalised, immersive and unrestrained learning.

Or will it be smart mobile devices, interactive display technologies, high-speed wireless, integrated biometrics and intelligent information.  I think it will be these types of technology that will support learners to explore, be creative and collaborate freely.

This is a more difficult type of ICT to build and manage, but who are we creating educational ICT systems for?  Teachers & Learners or Managed Service Providers?

Here’s my list of technology types that we become the driving force of educational ICT for the next few years:

  • Touch
  • Enhanced Voice
  • Interactive Display Technology
  • Smart Mobile Devices*
  • Intelligent Information / Business Intelligence
  • Biometrics (face recognition etc)
  • Video Analytics
  • Location Awareness

Smart Mobile Devices are already here, such as the iPhone, they just need to get faster, cheaper and have batteries that lasts days and not hours – and you know they will.

Old video but a still relevant message:


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