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I saw Tim Byles speak at BETT the other week.  It was his regular BSF speech with updated facts and figures – all very good.  He also spoke again about the possibility of allowing separate ICT procurement from the main building programme.

If separate  procurement of ICT is allowed and encourage to happen I’m not sure who’s benefit this is being done for?

I can certainly see why Microsoft, RM and some of the large construction companies would welcome this, because it allows the status quo to return – disjointed and unimaginative ICT with little if no competition and poor value for money.

Combined bidding of Construction, FM, FF&E, Change Management and ICT is no walk in the park, it is difficult to get ICT and buildings integrated with educational merit.  It is also more difficult for the Local Authority to control.

Combined bidding is also more risky because if construction and ICT don’t get involved in each others camps and ensure that they are progressing the same educational philosophy, it is easy to see how the ICT or Construction can lose the bid for the other party.

But I believe the prize is greater than the hardship.  The winners are children and local communities, who can get buildings that are truly integrated and inspirational with learning environments that are flexible and dynamic.


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