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ICT within BSF should drive innovation and transformation, sadly this isn’t always the case.

The easy option is just to fill a school full of products from the ICT supplier’s catalogue without much thought for integration, teaching or learning.  However, this is not only poor value but a missed opportunity to use ICT to transform the lives of our young people.

So what is innovation and how can it drive transformation?

Innovation is concerned with applying new ideas, technologies and methods to a particular problem.  Furthermore innovation can be further enhanced by taking ideas, technologies and methodologies from other sectors / markets and integrating them into the subject area.  In other words cross pollination.

This type of approach can bring about exciting results and help engage young people.  For example using the kind of business intelligence technology that is employed by Amazon, such as ‘people who bought this’ recommendations and their star rating system, could so easily be applied to content and target a student’s learning style and preferences, thereby assisting with Personalised Learning.

Key Points for Developing Innovation within BSF

  • Local Authorities need to evolve their thinking and specifications during the engagement process
  • Local Authorities should challenge bidders to specifically identify funding for innovation within their bids
  • Once an ICT partner has been selected an Innovation Framework should be created
  • Students, Parents and Teachers should be actively encouraged to engage with the innovation process

ICT solutions must be designed to evolve and embrace innovation, small and large and foster a culture of constant improvement and iterative innovation.


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