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One Years Work in Just a Few Hours

In 48 hours I’ll know if a year’s intensive, intriguing and compelling work will have been worthwhile or one to consign to the ‘experience’ basket.

For the past 12 months I’ve worked with my consortium colleagues on the Wolverhampton BSF bid, and the result will be announced sometime this week. To say I am a little nervous would be a significant understatement.

It’s at times like these when I examine why on earth am I doing BSF bid work. If we win the answer is simple.

Overall I have learnt a significant amount on this project and the educational approach has been really interesting, including the change management and competitive elements. I’ve also had to make sure my consulting skills were as sharp as possible as I think I started this project a little bit jaded coming straight off the win at Sandwell.

If we lose I guess a little bit of my soul will be forever Wolverhampton.

Update : Carillon win with Civica and Capita as ICT partners


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